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First Love—and Uncle Nicks Makes a Suffragette Disappear

The show must go on: after Harry Burrard's funeral he is replaced by Jennings and Johnson, an American musical act "ahead of its time." Meanwhile, Richard spends his days in Bronte country, painting and "getting drunk on all the beauty," which he wants most to share with Nancy. There is a beautifully heartwarming and playful scene on the moor where Richard and Nancy move closer to each other. 

Later, they have planned to go to Harrogate to "take the waters" but are prevented from going by Uncle Nick's involvement with the leader of the suffragette movement, Agnes Foster-Jones. At the request of her husband, Nick has agreed to make her disappear from a political meeting in Leeds in order to avoid imprisonment. Intrigued by the challenge, Nick accepts, but the trick will involve Julie since she has a passing resemblance to Mrs. Foster-Jones.

Richard now returns to Bradford and to Nancy. They now have the time to go to Harrogate. There is another playful scene with Nancy "all froth and giggles," taunting Richard but refusing a kiss.

The next day Richard, Nick and Julie trek through the wintry hills to meet Mrs. Foster-Jones. There we are treated to a very intense confrontation between the suffragette and the misogynist. All is made ready for the "disappearing act" at the meeting of the Women's Social-Political Union. Everything goes without a hitch, but as a result, Richard acknowledges " I had accidentally moved closer to Julie Blane."

Soon, Richard learns that Nancy and her sister are leaving the show to go into pantomime in Plymouth. Richard, "a sour vat of anger, bitterness and stupidity" confronts Nancy childishly. They part in anger. He is not going to make the first move and neither is she. The narrator Herncastle reflects in the voiceover: ". . . and after that of course, I wasn't quite the same chap."

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